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Packing Bees should be your company of choice whether you need help packing or moving.

Let us give you a couple of examples on when and why you should call us.

Do you need help organizing your garage or storage unit?

We’ve got what it takes to make you happy. As soon as you book us we will come to the job site to make an estimate on needed man power and materials with absolutely no charge. We will give you a custom hourly rate and our suggestions on how to conduct the job. In most situations our employees are helping you to do whatever it is you desire, because you know better how you want things to be done. In other situations you don’t even need to be present. Our guys and girls will do all the work themselves.

Home renovation?

We’ve got you covered! Just give us a buzz and book an appointment. Say You decided to put in new hardwood floor or new carpet, paint the walls or install new windows. We will come and pack up your entire house in boxes load it on the truck and take it to the storage. Just let us know when you want your stuff back. We will provide you with an affordable storage rate nearby your house. We understand that renovation can take more than expected, we will take care of your belongings until you request them back. You may say I don’t even need a storage, I want to store my stuff in the garage, shed or back yard under the tarp. So be it. You are the boss and we are the loyal professional associates. Packing Bees will create a custom plan for you, 100% customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Need help Loading/Unloading your rental truck? Need to pack or unpack a pod that sits in your driveway?

Pick up the phone and dial 619-892-7836 and book an appointment now. Don’t waste your time dealing with companies that only need your money. Packing Bees LLC would love to assist you with all your moving and organizing needs.

Tired of looking at all the same furniture layout in your house?

It’s time to move it around. Our strong guys will come to your home and move your heavy furniture exactly where you want it.

Moving your home or office?

We will send out our professional estimator to give you an accurate quote for free, no obligation at all. We will pack up your stuff, put it on the truck and bring it to your new address. We will unload the truck and place everything exactly where you wanted it to be. If you comfortable with our Packing/Unpacking Services rate we will unpack it and haul away used boxes. It's like having your friends come over and help you with the move, difference is that we are pros and know how to do it.

We know how to:
Disassemble and reassemble all different kinds of furniture (we have the tools);
Disconnect and connect washers, dryers and refrigerators;
Protect Your carpet and hardwood floor during the moving process;
Protect Your furniture for moving and storing at the storage unit;
Take off and mount flat screen TV’s on the wall. We will even patch the walls for You if You request it in advance;
Move straight up, baby grand and grand pianos;
Move office furniture, list goes on.

You can get up to 10% discount on your total bill, ask our representative how.

Military, Senior, Student, Google, Facebook and Yelp discounts available.

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Мы пользовались услугами этой компании впервые, но теперь готовы переезжать каждый день ;) Начиная с общения с хозяином по телефону, и продолжая общение с работниками, чувствуется неравнодушие и забота о клиенте. Всё было сделано профессионально, аккуратно, и быстро. Всем, кто решил переезжать, рекомендую пользоваться только этой компанией. Хорошая цена и профессионально сделанная работа - гарантированы. ОГРОМНОЕ вам СПАСИБО, ребята, за проделанную работу и приятное общение!!!! Наталья, Михаил

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